MOORE, Okla. – One little piggie in Moore is now at the center of a fight to stay home.

You may recall this Moore Police video of officers trying and eventually capturing a pet pig in a local neighborhood.

Afterward, Larry the pig’s owner received a warning that she has two weeks to re-home him due to a city size limit.

Now, the neighborhood and beyond is showing support, standing with Larry and his family.

“I got Larry in 2014. He was a wedding gift from my husband, but it was love at first sight,” said Larry’s owner, Steffany Jones. “He was instantly my baby.”

Larry knows tricks and he loves treats.

Some would say Larry the pig is more like a pet dog.

But for Jones, he’s family.

“He was with me everywhere,” Jones said. “I took him to the store. I drove around in my car. You know, sleeping in bed and cuddling and stuff.”

For years, Larry and Jones have had no problems living in their Moore neighborhood.

“I mean, he’s not been a problem to anyone for all these years now and all my neighbors and their kids love him,” Jones told News 4.

But now those neighbors aren’t just here for a visit, they’re here for support.

Last Thursday, Larry escaped.

“It was a complete accident,” Jones said. “He was able to get out of his pen and he walked up the street.”

He was captured by local authorities but it was just the beginning of a debacle Jones never expected.

“When I went down to Animal Control to pick him up later, they gave me a written warning that I had to get rid of him within two weeks because of his weight,” said Jones. “They told me if he lost weight that I could keep him.”

Jones says a city ordinance says pigs must be under 75 pounds and 20 inches.

Let’s just say Larry is over the limit.

“I brought them information from the American Mini Pig Association showing them the size of pigs, and they said all they could do was follow the code that was written,” said Jones.

Jones says when she got Larry in 2014, the only requirements were that he have vet paperwork stating that he’s a miniature potbelly and have official certification.

She says she obtained and provided both and stayed in touch with animal control over the years.

So now, she and her neighbors are going to the city council meeting on Tuesday to ask them to make an exception not only for Larry but all pigs that live in Moore.

It’s a movement with growing support online.

“I mean, not only has it gone national, it has gone international,” said Jones. “I have supporters from other countries, and Larry does, too. He’s got fans.”

Larry has fans and a mom willing to go to bat for him.

“He is my baby,” Jones said. “If you ask anybody, they will tell you like I’m crazy about Larry. I’m the crazy pig Mom.”

A petition for Larry has more than 3,200 signatures.

Moore’s city council meeting is Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.