MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – A Moore business owner is out about $15,000 in damages after a break-in. 

Lucky for him – and not for the suspects – cameras are a big part of his business, so the whole ordeal was caught on surveillance video. 

At work, Darren Hensley is typically the eyes in the sky at American Drones LLC.  

“I feel like that everybody has a respect for American drones,” Hensley said. “We’re kind of a unique business.” 

But on Thursday, he was on the ground floor – sweeping up the mess left behind by thieves.  

“Locally, it seems like you feel like people kind of look up to you,” said Hensley. “So, it really kind of hurts you when somebody comes in and breaks the window out and comes in and just takes what they want.” 

Hensley says around 4:20 Thursday morning, his alarm for his business’s surveillance system went off.  

He looked at the footage – and saw broken glass.  

“So I’m up and throwing my clothes on like a fireman and rushing down here,” said Hensley. “I get down here, and there’s five police cars around the place. I mistakenly drove right between them and ran up. They almost shot me, I think.” 

Surveillance video shows two suspects in masks and gloves smashing the glass door then making their way inside – but they didn’t go far.  

“They didn’t go any deeper than I’m saying, five, six feet into the store and they still made out with $15,000 worth of stuff,” Hensley said. “So the fact that they went right to the stuff is kind of suspicious. It seemed like they had a pretty good idea what they were looking for.” 

This local business owner is figuring out his next steps – as the police work to find who is responsible.  

“They better hope the cops get to them before I do,” Hensley said. “I mean, you know, I don’t want to go out and be violent that’s not right. People are going to break the law. People are going to do things like that and you just pick up and go on.” 

Hensley says the thieves made off with a $10,000 drone that was in for repairs. He says it’s had a lot of custom work, so he believes the suspects knew what they were doing.