MOORE, Okla (KFOR) – One of the coldest nights of the season is upon us and tenants at an apartment complex in Moore say they’re spending it with no heat. They tell KFOR they’ve had no heating since early this year and the effects on their health and children are worsening.

“It’s horrible,” said Joseph Garmon. “I got three kids and a wife, and they’re sitting in the cold. My kids are right now sitting under blankets and sweatpants just to stay warm.”

Tenants at Ascend Apartments at 3507 N. Service Rd. in northern Moore say none of them have had heat since temperatures started to dip this year, with one tenant saying heating has not worked since March.

“It’s gotten me sick this week,” said Cathleen Beauchamp. “I hate that I’m having to bounce from place to place to make sure my child is warm and comfortable, that she doesn’t get sick, because she has asthma, and when she gets sick, she really gets sick. She ends up in the hospital.”
Her daughter is eight-years-old, and Friday night she’s particularly concerned with the overnight temperature in Moore expected to hit the low 20’s.

Fliers posted by Ascend management on each building say the following: “We are actively working on getting the broiler up and going; the previous plumbing leaks have affected the broiler machine… the holes in the pipes underground have slowed the process down. It isn’t allowing the broiler to fill properly and produce enough heat. Once the plumbing is and pipes and all necessary parts are replaced, we will be able to turn on the broilers. In the meantime, we are in the process of ordering space heaters for you all to use for the time being. ETA for broiler to be turned on is 11/18/2022.”

While these notices gave hope to the tenants that the heating would be restored on Friday, Beauchamp tells KFOR that as of 8:30 p.m. Friday night, there was still no heat. So, she expects another cold weekend ahead for them.

Tenants say getting ahold of management is difficult and that conversations with them haven’t been as helpful as they’d wish.

“I was literally told by the apartment manager, maybe it’s good for you to move,” said Beatrix Hammett. “Yeah, well, we can’t. None of us can’t just get up and move. It’s right before Christmas. We shouldn’t have to. We pay $900 a month. We should have the things that were promised to us.”

Tenant Thomas Hutton told KFOR that if management was fair, they’d allow them to stop paying rent until the heating is fixed. He also said that many of them wanting to move can’t save up the money to do so.

“We still have to pay our rent every month to live here,” he explained. “So, you can’t just stop paying rent to live here because then you have to be out within a certain time frame. So, you can’t get the money together to move anywhere else.”

When our KFOR reporter walked into the leasing office of Ascend Apartments on Friday to ask about the heating situation, a member of the staff told them, “No comment.”

The staff member just asked for a business card, which was provided, but as of 10:15 p.m. Friday, no call or email from Ascend has been received.