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BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – The family of a man believed to have been buried in a shallow grave discovered behind a Bethany home last week told KFOR that police found more remains there on Friday and have now confirmed to the family who was buried there.

“On Friday, I saw, it looked like police or OSBI had come back to the house. They were here for about an hour,” Kim Wilkerson told News 4.

Bethany police allegedly returned to a Bethany home several days after human remains were first discovered inside a shallow grave in the backyard last week.

“I find it kind of disturbing and, you know, them being so close to us and everything,” Vincent Hawkins, a neighbor, told KFOR.

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The home where human remains were found.

So far, Bethany police have not released the person’s name, only saying the body belonged to a man. However, Holly Taylor told KFOR she believes it was her missing brother-in-law, Clifton Taylor, and that he was murdered by another family member.

“They went back into the backyard and back into the fire pit and did some more digging and found some more remains,” Taylor said, talking about what happened when police returned to the home on Friday.

While the family is still waiting on a cause of death and an arrest, Holly said police have now confirmed to them some of the family’s suspicions.

“The detectives have told us that it was my brother-in-law, Clifton Taylor,” Taylor said.

However at this time, the Bethany Police Department and the medical examiner cannot confirm that to News 4.

“We do wish the medical examiner could at least confirm with us, instead of us hearing from the detectives,” Taylor said.

The home belonged to Taylor’s mother-in-law, who passed away in May. So, it’s been a rough few months for the family, as they’ve now begun planning yet another funeral.

“Just keep our family in your prayers. This is really hard,” Taylor said.