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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Since KFOR aired a story on Sunday about a woman who allegedly lost everything she owns in a storage facility burglary, News 4 has received countless emails from people who claim the same thing happened to them at the same location, or other locations of the chain. 

“This is all of my stuff, like everything I own,” Savannah Richardson told News 4 last week. 

Richardson said everything she owns, including her kids’ clothes, TVs and even diapers, were stolen from her SecurCare Self Storage unit at NW 10th and MacArthur. 

Since then, News 4 has heard from several other people with similar stories. 

“I said that’s storage unit where we had our stuff at. I was shocked,” Tiffany Zekeri said. 

“I was like that happened to us, because it happened on Sunday was whenever we found our stuff stolen,” Haley Gottshall said. 

What happened to Richardson, allegedly happened to Zekeri and Gottshall as well. 

Zekeri’s alleged break-in was at the same SecurCare location at NW 10th and MacArthur. 

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SecurCare Self Storage

Gottshall said her stuff was being stored at the SecurCare location at NW Expressway and Rockwell. 

In both cases, children’s clothing was stolen. 

“They took, I had gotten some diapers for Christmas, they took some diapers and some baby clothes,” Gottshall said. 

“I noticed all of my kids shoes, clothes that I had on hangers and stuff were gone,” Zekeri said. 

News 4 has received over 10 emails with similar stories, all allegedly happening at SecurCare locations around the metro and one in Tulsa. 

One person wrote, “I believe management was the culprit.” 

“Somebody at the property has something to do with it,” Zekeri said. 

News 4 called the location at NW 10th and MacArthur last week and never received a call back. 

So, we stopped by on Thursday and briefly spoke with the manager. 

“I can’t make any comment. That’s our company policy,” he said. “We’ve looked at tapes several times and we’ve turned in police reports. Police reports have been turned in. So we’re letting them handle the investigation. When they need help, we help them out as much as we can. But we’ve looked at tape, you know for hours, and gave them everything we have.” 

KFOR then asked him about the allegations from victims claiming employees at the facility were involved. 

“As far as I know, everything I’ve seen, that’s not true. K?” he said. 

When we were there on Thursday, it appeared someone broke the gate. The manager told our crews off camera they believe it was another attempted break in. 

News 4 also contacted the owner of SecurCare Self Storage, NSA Brands, and we have not heard back.