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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – More threats were found at Norman High School Tuesday after other threats were found written on a bathroom stall last Thursday.

Parents and even students have started to speak out on some concerns they have about the whole situation.

“As a mom, I’m afraid to send her to school,” a mom told KFOR anonymously.

“I have great concerns about the way this has been handled,” another mom said anonymously.

“The school needs to step up. Not just the school, but the district,” a third mom said anonymously.

Three mothers, one of them an employee of the Norman School District, and all three with students at Norman High School, spoke to KFOR on anonymity in fear of retaliation by the district. They all said they have concerns about a lack of communication and handling of the situation involving the threats.

“There’s so much hearsay and talk at school that it’s ridiculous,” one of the mom’s said. “The kids aren’t happy, like, their mental health is drastically declining over this.”

Two students also speaking anonymously for the same reasons are joining that fold.

“I didn’t want to go back to school as it terrified me,” one student said.

“It’s real lives that they put out there with real names and last names,” another student said.

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Norman High School

We first told you about the racial slurs, profanities, a date for a school shooting and even a hit list with student’s names written on a bathroom stall last Thursday. Now, more threats were found written on Tuesday.

“Most of the stuff that the parents were finding out by talking to each other and were finding out by hearsay,” one of the mom’s said. “It’s unacceptable.”

Norman police told KFOR they can’t get into specifics of an ongoing investigation but are aware of more information and are still investigating. Students we spoke with said they still feel in the dark about a lot of it.

“They should be taking it a little bit more seriously,” one of them said.

Norman Schools officials originally told parents last Thursday that the threats were not credible. When we asked Norman police if that was true, they told us they were still investigating at the time. Norman Schools made a new statement Tuesday afternoon that can be read in full below:

“We’re continuing to work directly with the students and families impacted and are in full coordination with the NPD. But we have not sent out a school-wide communication.”

Norman Public Schools Spokesperson

“It’s scary,” one mom said. “It should be credible till it’s not credible.”

We asked Norman Schools why they haven’t sent out a school-wide communication. We have not yet heard back. As of right now, Norman police are still investigating the situation.