YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – More alleged victims are coming forward claiming they were charged $150 at Casey’s Gas stations in Oklahoma City and around the metro.  

News 4 has been reporting on these alleged fraudulent charges as far back as last September, and the problem continues today. 

A Yukon woman told KFOR she used a Casey’s Gas station a month ago for the first time. One week later her credit card was charged $150 at a location in Yukon. 

“She said that they knew that it was happening and that they were working on it. And my response was I didn’t mean to be combative, but I saw a news article in September, and another one in December. You can’t be working very hard on it. And then she was very curt with me and hung up,” said Arnette Topian, card skimmer victim.  

That’s what Arnette Topian’s said her experience was like with a Casey’s customer service employee after she claimed her card was skimmed at one of their locations.  

She said after watching KFOR report on the card skimmers, she was nervous to try her local Casey’s gas station. But in desperate need of gas, she stopped at the nearest Casey’s. 

“I had not used Casey’s because of a KFOR story written by you in September. And then then I saw one again in December… I was like almost on empty because I’d had run errands and said, okay, I’m going to go to Casey’s, but I’m going to use my credit card,” said Topian.  

Her credit card company refunded her, but she’s upset on how the situation was handled when she called customer service.  

“They closed my credit card immediately to send me a new one… I was really angry. So then I called Casey’s and they just were not very helpful,” said Topian. 

With no luck getting answers from the company, earlier this month KFOR reached out to Casey’s for a comment six different times. 

We followed up two times within three days after sending the original request. 

We finally got a response stating “Hi Taylor. Sorry but we won’t meet your deadline.” 

We followed up three more times after extending our deadline, giving them over a week to respond. They declined to comment on the situation.  

“You have to be very careful. And we know the scams and the scammers are out everywhere. I’m upset was that they just didn’t seem to care,” said Topian. 

When Casey’s previously commented on the situation, a representative from the gas station back in December said quote, “Taking care of our guests is a priority at Casey’s. We encourage our customers to email us at wecare@caseys.com or contact us through caseys.com so that we can address their concerns.” 

The statement sent back was nearly identical to the one from September.