EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – An Edmond mother of five had dreams of renovating her bathroom and kitchen, but she says her vision took a hit after the contractor couldn’t do the job up to par. She’s now been fighting to get her money back for months, but the remodeler isn’t cooperating.

“He told me through text messages that he knew he owed me the money,” explained Edmond resident Tiffany Bullard. “He was working on it, and I just kept getting the runaround from him.”

Bullard said Gene “Scott” Fletcher of Flip This Remodeling owes her $16,000 but has been avoiding the refund.

She said last July and August, she paid him $27,000 to completely renovate her bathroom, kitchen, and entire first floor tiling, but after Fletcher’s slow and poor performance on the bathroom, she canceled the rest of the job.

“I reached out to him and told him that and I needed my money back for the kitchen,” she told KFOR. “I wasn’t going to proceed forward. He told me he would give me the money and it just kind of drug on.”

She showed KFOR multiple text messages of Fletcher saying he’d pay her back but didn’t yet have the money to.

There’s a deeper importance behind this desired refund.

“My husband was a police officer,” she shared. “He was killed on his way to work.”

Bullard said when her husband died in January 2022, they were living in Colorado. In May, she then moved with her five children to Edmond, Oklahoma for a new life. 

She and the kids can’t afford to lose this $16,000.

“It’s just knowing that that money is gone and that I can’t even use it for any other expenses as a single mom or use it for my kids or to put away for other things,” she said. “I’m also a student. So, to use it for books or just other expenses, is just gone.”

KFOR spoke with Fletcher Thursday, and he said he’s not going to provide any comment. He only said he’ll be in touch with Bullard to figure out a re-payment plan.
In the meantime, Bullard said she may consider legal action and has made Fletcher aware of that consideration.