OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma mother is worried for her son after he was brutally attacked inside the Oklahoma County Jail.

“I mean, people die in there all the time and I know this is probably why,” a woman who wanted to remain anonymous told KFOR.

She wants to keep her identity private for the safety of her son because of what happened to him last week inside the Oklahoma County Jail.

“I have been so stressed. I haven’t eaten. I’m a nervous wreck,” she said.

She told News 4 it all started with her son being moved to a new cell by a detention officer.

“She goes to put him in there and the gang members tell her, ‘If you leave him here, we will F him up,'” the mother said.

That’s what allegedly happened next after the detention officer left the cell.

“He said they beat and beat him. His ear was hanging. They had to, 15-17 stiches to put his ear back on,” she said. “Another cellmate in a different cell called the guards and said, ‘You better come and get him because he’s bleeding everywhere,’ and it was like an hour.”

KFOR contacted officials with the jail and they confirmed this is an active investigation.

“There was some claims made about a detention officer putting him in this cell and what he claims is that that detention officer was told that this might happen,” said Mark Opgrande, spokesperson for the Oklahoma County Jail. “So, that’s part of the investigation.”

Opgrande said they’re also investigating the inmate’s claim that it took an hour for help to arrive to his cell.

“We’ll look at it and we’ll go talk to them again,” Opgrande said.

Opgrande told News 4 the inmate is still recovering in the medical wing.

“What if they send him out of the medical ward and put him back in there,” his mom said. “I’m just scared to death.”