OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A young mother of a 10-month-old baby is calling it a miracle. Her child has no brain damage after he was found cold and lifeless with a crib camera cord wrapped around his neck. Now she has a warning to other mothers.

“It was just a freak accident,” said Katie Rivera, the child’s mother.

Little Everett Rivera is on the move again, but just two weeks ago his mom was living everyone parent’s nightmare.

“He wasn’t responding. He was cold,” said Rivera. “I thought, ‘He’s gone.'”

Somehow, the then-nine-month-old, who’s just now able to stand, grabbed his crib camera.

“And managed to somehow grab the cords and somehow get them wrapped around his neck,” said Rivera.

Rivera said the camera, which is long gone and destroyed, had been there since Everett was born. She said the cords were out of reach.

“It’s meant to go on the side of either a bassinet or a crib,” said Rivera. “I don’t think it could be recreated if we were trying to, you know?”

Because the camera was still plugged in, Katie said that created tension which cut off Everett’s air supply. They are unsure exactly how long, but they believe he was without oxygen for minutes.

Rivera said she screamed for her husband, who is a former marine, to call 911 and take over CPR.

“You’d like to think ‘Oh yeah, I’m able to get him out. Give him CPR,'”‘ but you don’t know that until it happens to your baby,” said Rivera.

That’s when Oklahoma City Police Officer, Manny Vazquez, rushed in and took over.

Everette Rivera with Officer Manny Vasquez, courtesy Katie Rivera

“I remember when he said ‘He’s breathing, he’s breathing!'” said Rivera.

The ambulance rushed them to OU Children’s Hospital. Everett was sedated and intubated in the NICU. Then, it was just a waiting game for the MRI. The incredible nurses and doctors could not tell them anything until then.

Everett Rivera, Courtesy Katie Rivera

“The whole 72 hours was pure torture,” said Rivera. “I was praying there would be some sort of miracle.”

Meanwhile OKC officers, one who just happened to be her high school friend, went the extra mile. She said they contacted her parents, brought them to the hospital, and helped her husband go get his car.

“Sergeant Bolanzik helped me out. I was inconsolable,” said Rivera.

Sgt. Beloncik with Everett, Courtesy Katie Rivera

Finally, the long-awaited results came back.

“One of the neurologists said “You got to him in time and did everything right and the MRI is as clean as a whistle,” said Rivera.

Everett was unhooked and woke up.

Katie, Angel, and Everett Rivera, Courtesy Katie Rivera

“He’s already back to the way he was. His voice is a little hoarse, which is part of the reason he starts growling at you,” said Rivera.

Now Rivera has a message to mothers.

“Even if it says that the cameras are safe to put them on the crib. Do not put them on the crib,” she said.