OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A former Canadian County deputy accused of sexually assaulting a female inmate multiple times during a jail transfer is speaking out through his attorney.

“The power of accusation is why we’re here,” said John Cannon, representing David Loman. “It’s one person’s narrative versus the other.”

On April 7, Loman transported a female inmate from Marshall to Canadian County.

One minute after picking her up, Loman allegedly drove to a car wash in Madill two blocks away from the jail and ‘removed her handcuffs and instructed her to take off her brassiere.’

“Basically, pulled out of the jail, pulled over, and started assaulting her pretty much right way,” said OSBI Spokeswoman Brook Arbeitman.

“If these allegations are serious, there should be consequences,” said Cannon. “But Mr. Loman maintains his innocence that he did not commit these terrible things.” 

According to the affidavit, after crossing into Carter County, the former deputy parked at a secluded oil leasing site to allegedly assault the woman a second time and force her to have oral sex.

The two then drove to Jefferson County to pick up another inmate.

Before getting out of the cruiser, Loman allegedly assaulted the woman for the third time.

“There were stops made for Deputy Loman’s purposes and for the female’s purposes,” said Cannon. “But he maintains that none of those included any type of sexual conduct or inappropriate sexual contact.

The victim reported the assault to Canadian County jail staff on April 12.

The woman told investigators Loman told her if she snitched, he would ‘tell them he got lost, and they would both be in trouble.’

During the interview, Loman said he parked at the car wash to check the victim’s charges.

He also admitted stopping at the Carter County oil leasing site because ‘he got lost on the drive and needed to check his GPS.’

However, court records reveal his GPS navigation and electronic maps were “operating” ​and “accessible.”

An investigator noted in the affidavit, “Loman couldn’t provide an explanation as to how he could get lost on a four-lane highway that was a virtual straight line for almost the entire distance.”

Loman also admits to uncuffing the female inmate and engaging in a “conversation of a sexual nature” that was not physical.

Loman was later arrested on May 9 at his home.

He is facing charges of forcible sodomy, sexual battery, and engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses.

According to online court records, Loman has not been officially charged yet.

“The district attorney’s office is still evaluating whether they’re going to file charges or not,” said Cannon. “If they do file charges, we’ll be there to fight for and on behalf of Mr. Loman.”