LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Multiple agencies have responded to an alleged building explosion in Lincoln County.

The incident reportedly happened near Highways 102 and 177 along 1010 road, close to the town of Jacktown. William Rodgers, 81, suffered burns to his face and hands when his workshop exploded.

Clarice Clemmons said she was inside the home, feet away, when her dad was knocked to his feet by the flames.

“I hear a boom and then I hear a smaller boom. I come out the door and he’s running towards the house. ‘Help! Help! Help! Car shop’s on fire.’ I see smoke coming out of the roof,” said Clemmons.

Clemmons said her father tried to race back inside the burning building to put the fire out.

“I was yelling at him like, ‘no Dad, no.’ He was fighting me the whole way,” recalls Clemmons.

Rodgers spent most of his days inside his shop, especially since his wife of 61 years passed away a month ago. He was working on her old car shortly before the explosion. Rodgers was rushed to OU Health’s Trauma Center with burns to his face and hands.

“It was pretty red. And there was a bad spot here and a bad spot on his hands here,” said Clemmons.

Rodgers reportedly told his daughter that he accidentally placed a paint can on a wood stove sparking the fire, however, fire crews said Monday they were still working to confirm the exact cause.

“I know there are some paint cans, but maybe a couple propane tanks as well,” said Gary Crouch, Southwest Lincoln County firefighter.

Fire crews were able to get the fire under control in about 20 minutes.

Clemmons said her dad two cars and thousands of dollars worth of tools were lost in the fire along with the structure. One of the cars was a 1973 Dodge Charger that Rodgers had been working to restore for years.