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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Several people in Oklahoma City are claiming their card information is getting into the wrong hands.

Customers and non-customers alike say fraud skimmers are allegedly making multiple purchases worth around $150 at Casey’s gas stations across the state. 

Some of those who had the money taken from their accounts tell KFOR they’ve never been to Casey’s before.

For one metro dad, he made a purchase at the Casey’s on 39th and Penn. He says just a day later, two charges worth around $150 each pinged his account coming from a gas station in Sapulpa. 

“That probably is the first time that I’ve ever been there,” said Dale Ross, victim to the fraud skimmers.  

Dale Ross says he cannot confirm his information was picked up from Casey’s, but according to multiple social media posts, Casey’s a common denominator, along with each purchase being worth around $150.  

“All the other charges on that card for that period of time had been to vendors that I trust and have used before… But I just think it was too much of a coincidence that I used Casey’s and then immediately afterwards, the next charges were the fraudulent charges,” said Ross.  

Ross says he did not file a police report, but says his bank started an investigation and has temporarily credited his account with the around $300.  

“I want the money back from my bank and I think we’ll get it back,” said Ross.  

One Oklahoma woman says she’s never been to a Casey’s, but four charges, each worth around $150 each were allegedly made back-to-back at a Casey’s Gas station in Glenpool in Tulsa County. 

“That was a pattern that they were doing with other people,” said Terry Touchstone, victim to the fraud skimmers. 

Touchstone says, someone allegedly made around $600-worth of purchases using her debit card information. She had the card in her possession the entire time. 

“I went back to look at my receipts and I had never been to a case’s gas station, ever. And the only place that I had been was Walmart, Target, Braum’s, PetSmart, and one other pet store, A1. These are all the stores I always go into,” said Touchstone.  

Terry Touchstone says she filed a police report and got all funds back from her bank. She is also not using a debit card anymore to purchase things.  

“It’s cash or my credit card,” said Touchstone.  

According to another police report made, one woman allegedly had a total of $430 charged to her account from the Casey’s located at NW 23rd Street & N Western Ave. 

The three unauthorized purchases were all made within 15 minutes of each other.  

“So many people had posted stuff. There is something going on, definitely,” said Touchstone.  

“These skimmers are getting to be quite sophisticated in terms of how they’re able to be hidden,” said Ross.  

We reached out to Casey’s corporate office for a statement, they responded,

Taking care of our guests is a priority at Casey’s. We encourage our customers to email us at or contact us through so that we can address their concerns.”

A store manager at one of the locations KFOR you can contact their customer service line, at 515-965-6100 or 688-922-0767, if you are experiencing an issue like this.