OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Big problems at a local apartment complex. Multiple tenants at Greystone Apartments say from broken A/C units to stoves catching on fire, management isn’t doing anything to help.

Each tenant experiencing issues in their apartment told me the same thing; they have gone to management for help but the problem remains months after it started, and they aren’t sure what else to do.

“It’s been in the 80’s and in the 90’s, been hot hot,” Marcellus Davis said. “I rarely been in my room. I got a unit in here. I had to go get it from my brother because they won’t help nobody.”

“Our front door, the bottom of it, you can see the outside when it rains, it comes in about two to three feet, you know, and then after that, we have maggots coming up in the floor,” Brandon Wilson said.

Multiple tenants say the issues have been going on for months at Greystone Apartments and they still haven’t been fixed, even after reporting the issues to management multiple times.

“My thermostats running anywhere from 85 to 90 degrees and I got two window units running in my house, one in my bedroom and one out in the living room, and it still don’t keep it cool,” Donald Winter said.

When they go to management for help, they are met with ignorance.

“You go down and talk to him, he said, “well, if you’re a smart man, you won’t open your door,” and I told him, if you’re a smart man, you’ll fix stuff around here,” Winter said.

“The stove keep on catching on fire every time like this, can’t use the oven either,” Davis said.

We went to the office to speak with management but the door was locked and no one answered. Even with problems continuing to arise and existing problems not being fixed, rent is still expected every month.

“And he said, you either pay it or leave,” Wilson said “You know, that ain’t fair to us.”

Each tenant says they have been patient with staff but they are at the point where this has gone too far, and something needs to be done.