WEWOKA, Okla. (KFOR) – A concerned granddaughter contacted KFOR worried for her grandmother because her memory care facility has been without hot water for almost a month.

“My grandma probably hasn’t had a shower in a month, maybe a little over a month,” a woman who wanted to remain anonymous told News 4 on Monday.

Her grandmother is at Wewoka Healthcare Center. She said the facility has been without hot water for over three weeks now.

“This is a memory care facility, so they’re helping people change their diapers and pants and they can’t even sanitize their hands,” she said.

She wanted to keep her identity private, fearing her grandmother could face retaliation.

She told News 4 her family has been trying to get answers from the home for weeks.

“I didn’t personally talk to them, my mom did. He said that they’re waiting on a part to fix the hot water or something,” she said.

News 4 talked to management on Monday, they told us they’re working on it. However, they wouldn’t give us a reason for the problem, or any solutions they’ve put in place.

“We were trying to work on a transfer to get my grandma back out to Georgia where she’s from that way, obviously, she can be better taken care of at a better place. My aunt had called over and over and over again and left message after message and no one would get back to her from Wewoka,” she said. “So finally the last time I went up there, I got in touch with somebody face to face and she gave me her number and we finally got the transfer going but by that time, the facility in Georgia that we had for her, they had already filled her spot.”

Management also told News 4 Monday morning we would be receiving an official statement from the corporate office. We are still waiting on that.

“It’s not just her, it’s everyone there. I mean these are peoples loved ones. Like they trust you guys to take care of them and you can’t even give them hot water,” she said.