OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s a mystery that is terrorizing an Oklahoma City woman and keeping her family up at night. Some kind of flying creature keeps banging on her back porch door making them all wake up in a fright.

“It’s really frightening when you hear the bang,” Carol Dillin told News 4.

Identifying and stopping the flying creature from hitting Dillin’s back door has become her obsession over the past month. She told News 4 it’s been tormenting her family at night even with all of her lights out and her changes to make the porch not-so-friendly to flying foes.

“There’s an owl there, an owl there,” she said while pointing to two big fake bird statues.

“And then here’s Harry,” she said, while pointing at a fake skeleton in a flannel shirt. “He’s supposed to be a scarecrow but nobody’s afraid of him.”

Image courtesy Carol Dillin

Dillin has set off bug bombs, used bug spray, and put a cabinet and pillows in front of her door. However, the creature keeps at it.

In several security camera video you can hear the insect or animal hit the glass and make a loud thud.

Bat or Moth, courtesy Carol Dillin
Bat or Moth, courtesy Carol Dillin

“I thought somebody was hitting baseballs against the house. Then it started sounding like basketballs,” said Dillin.

Dillin swears she knows what the creature is.

“I’ve seen enough of the videos to know, because of the scalloped wings. You know, that’s a bat,” said Dillin.

Bat or Moth, courtesy Carol Dillin
Bat or Moth, courtesy Carol Dillin

News 4 asked Micah Holmes, with the State Wildlife Department. He said it’s hard to tell, but Holmes believes it’s a moth. He said moths in Oklahoma can grow up to seven inches long.

“This is a good year for moths because it’s been pretty wet, for the summer,” said Holmes. “This is the time of year they’re out and trying to mate.”

“If it is a bat, keep in mind, bats eat a lot of insects, mosquitos and other things that we don’t like,” said Holmes. “Bats do serve a purpose and they won’t hurt you either.”

News 4 also sent the video and screenshots to an Oklahoma State University Insect Diagnostician, Alex Harman.

Harman said he doesn’t believe it is a bat because they use echolocation and wouldn’t be flying into the glass.

Much like Holmes, Harman leaned more towards a Luna, Sphinx, or Polyphemus Moth. He said those flying insects are big enough to produce the loud thuds.

Harman said although Dillin has her lights turned off, the creatures may be attracted to the tiny green light on her camera.

“But, how is the moth surviving all the bug spray?” asked Dillin.

Harman said the bug bombs and bug spray wouldn’t affect the outdoor moths.

Meanwhile, Dillin is at her wit’s end and is ready to close off her back porch.

“We have a guy coming Friday morning to give us an estimate and next Monday we have another guy coming for another estimate,” said Dillin.

News 4 reached out to WildCare in Noble, who said they need better footage to determine what it is for certain. They suggested Dillin buy a trail cam to get a perspective. Dillin said she plans to buy one.