OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After a rascally raccoon was caught in the act by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL), the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) now says they know the suspect.

On Thursday afternoon, ODL tweeted:

@OKWildlifeDept You missing one of yours? This furry little bandit was running amuck at our Archives and Records Annex this week, setting off alarms, break ceiling tiles, and knocking things off shelves. He was safely caught and released at Chickasha Lake.”

Raccoon in humane trap
Image courtesy Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

A short time later, ODWC replied:

“ah yea, we know that guy. He watched national treasure once and now he’s made heisting old documents his entire personality. It’s a whole thing.”


Despite his attempts at recreating ‘National Treasure‘, the masked marauder was apprehended before any national or state treasures could be stolen.

When he heard the movie starred Cage, he didn’t think this is what they meant…