MARLOW, Ok (KFOR) – A train derailment in Marlow leaves debris all over and left neighbors concerned and wanting answers. The Marlow Fire Chief says it will take at least a week to clean up the accident. Crews tell News 4 the situation could have been a lot worse. The train spilled out cooking flour, but there was hazardous materials two train cars away from where it broke.

Neighbors describe the sound of the derailment as fighter jets or like a bomb went off.

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“How did that happen. Was anyone hurt was my first thought. What was yours? Ummm it was crazy,” said Chloe Rosen and Rachel Adams.

Residents say they didn’t know what happened when they walked outside of their homes and saw the train off the tracks.

“I came from the backyard and came up to my neighbor. It was very loud and then there was fire all up and down the railroad tracks,” said Rosie Poeling, neighbor.

The sound of the railroad crossing bells, still going hours later.

Photo of train derailment in Marlow, OK

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“When I looked out the door it was just kind of it looked like dust. When I got closer to the door I noticed it and it looked like smoke. So I opened the door and came out,” said Margie Stallons.

Marlow fire arriving shortly after 12:30pm to see brush fire on the side of the tracks.

“We spent majority of our first hour, hour and a half just hitting the spot fire to get those things knocked out,” said Jason Miller, Marlow Fire Chief.

The part of the train that derailed was only 8 train cars from the caboose. Flour and other non-toxic items spilled out all over the the tracks and road.

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The front half of the train that stayed together contained hazardous materials. Union Pacific from Tulsa got to the area Sunday night. The fire chief says they can’t move any part of the train until the investigation is wrapped up. Traffic in the area could see delays for the next week.