OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One person is in the hospital and another is in custody after a shooting in southwest Oklahoma City on Thursday afternoon. 

It happened at a home near S Pennsylvania Ave. and SW 82nd St.

A neighbor told KFOR she saw the victim laying in front of the home where the shooting happened. She didn’t want to go on camera but said she rendered aid to the victim as he was bleeding in the street. 

“I just wish people weren’t so quick to draw weapons. If there’s an argument or a fight, give it time, space – or you know, do it old school, just go throw down. But, it is what it is, every situation is different,” said Erick Moham, near the crime scene. 

Erick Moham said he was walking near the neighborhood when he heard sirens coming down the street. 

“I see the police surrounding the house and they’re on their loudspeaker through the vehicle. I think there was a female coming out of the house with her hands up in the air,” said Moham. 

Moham believes the woman was just a witness. 

Oklahoma City Police said they believe this was a domestic dispute between two men and are working to interview other witnesses.  

“And then we will be doing investigations with the other couple of people that were involved in this,” said Brad Gilmore, OKC Police. 

Police said the shooting happened at the home and the victim was transported to the hospital.

“Officers immediately started rendering aid to that individual. We were able to use our equipment and call the suspect out. He was taken into custody without incident,” said Gilmore. 

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Another resident nearby told KFOR he heard the gunfire.

“I was out in front. I live on southwest of 85th and all I heard was a one gunshot like ‘pow,’” said Jess Ritchey, heard a gunshot.  

Oklahoma City Police said the investigation is still in the early stages and are not sure of the victim’s condition yet.