Update 7/26: The trash pile outside the home was picked up Wednesday morning by Main Street Renewal.

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A smelly problem has developed inside the Summit Parke neighborhood near NW 150th and Western in Oklahoma City, after someone moved out and left piles of trash by the curb. Neighbors said the trash, which consists of several mattresses, ceiling fans, rotten food and buckets of standing water, has been on the street for more than three weeks.

“All the rain that we’ve had and everything else, which is leaving this nice odor, all the other trash blowing in people’s yards,” said Steve Quick, who lives next door. “It’s turned into a big problem.”

A family renting the home moved out around July 3 and left the items at the curb for Oklahoma City’s bulk trash pick up.

According to neighbors, city trash crews have come to the house twice but would not touch the mess because it didn’t follow guidelines for bulk trash pick up. Instead, citations were left taped to the front door.

The city posted its most recent citation on the home’s front door Tuesday, giving the company 10 days to clean up the mess or a lien would be placed on the home.

“It’s been the talk of the neighborhood,” said Erick Gfeller, who lives a few doors down. “Everybody’s going, ‘well, when are they going to pick it up?’”

The leasing company that owns the home is Main Street Renewal, a national company that rents homes across the country.

People we spoke to said it has been hard to track them down, despite having an Oklahoma City location.

“Finally you might get a hold of somebody and they’re just basically somebody there to take a note and pass it on to somebody else. So I kind of gave up,” said Gfeller.

News 4 went to Main Street Renewal’s OKC office and the doors were locked. KFOR also called the local office and after several minutes and transfers later, we were connected to the right person to get answers.

We asked if the company had any complaints recorded in the system for the address.

“We just have one, which is from the beginning of the month,” said the representative from the company.

However, neighbors News 4 spoke with said they have filed at least a dozen complaints.

The company said it had sent an “urgent request” for clean up to the Oklahoma City office, but they were unable to give KFOR a timetable on when that would happen.  

“In the meantime, we get this nice view,” said Gfeller.