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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Police Department has arrested three people on drug and prostitution charges after the suspects were reportedly operating illegal businesses in a rented home.

The whole situation has neighbors worried.

“It’s really scary in that we have a nice neighborhood here. My husband noticed a lot of cars in the neighborhood,” local resident, Nancy Prykryl said.

Police say neighbors started noticing suspicious activity at a home in a community near NW 164th and Penn.

“We had a tip at a residence there, that some illegal activity possibly was going on. Anytime you see a residence where there is a lot of traffic, a lot of different cars, it spikes interest in what is exactly going on at that residence,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk of the OKC Police Department.

According to police records, officers eventually got a warrant to search the residence.

“When we went inside there were several items of dominion and control. It was very apparent, very clear that these people did not live there, like you or I would live inside a residence,” said Quirk.

Police say ultimately, 60-year-old Qiang Zeng, 24-year-old Rina Nagasaki, and 39-year-old Fanglian Li were arrested on drug and prostitution charges.

“It’s just so scary to know that these things go on and people don’t even realize it,” said Prykryl.

“Crime has no limits, it can occur anywhere at any time,” said Quirk.

For Nancy Prykryl, it’s a bad sign after moving to the neighborhood just four years ago.

“This was gonna kinda be our retirement home. It’s by the lake and this was going to be our lake home. And now to see those things happening, it really is disheartening,” said Prykryl.

Residents tell us the house has now been rented out to another tenant.

We tried to contact the owners of the house for comment, but were unable to reach them.

Police tell us this was a great case of residents calling in suspicious activity just trying to keep their neighborhood safe.