EARLSBORO, Okla. (KFOR) – Earlsboro Police say a traffic stop for a speeding driver led to the town’s biggest drug bust. The suspect was carrying enough illegal marijuana to fill up a multi-gallon trash bags.

“I was in shock,” said Officer Chris Harmon, with the Earlsboro Police Department.

“It overwhelmed me. It’s the first big bust I’ve ever been in and I’ve been doing this for 28 years,” said Officer Jonathan Perry.

Officers Harmon and Perry said they found a massive amount of illegal marijuana during a Sunday afternoon traffic stop along Highway 9 in Earlsboro.

The officers said they clocked the suspect, Peng Ye, going 62 then 82 miles-per-hour in a 55 mph zone, before he was pulled over.

“When we approached the driver’s side, I could smell an odor associated with marijuana,” said Officer Harmon. “I asked him if he had a medical marijuana card. He stated, ‘No.’ I asked him if there was marijuana in the vehicle. He said, ‘Yes, it’s in the back.’”

“Never seen so much green in my life,” said Officer Perry.

Inside the white SUV were four big multi-gallon trash bags full of bud.

“There was 66 individual bags. Each one of them with a little over a pound. It came out to approximately 71-pounds, roughly,” said Harmon. “I was just honestly surprised to see that much.”

The score was worth up to $120,000, depending on the grade. However, Earlsboro Police said this is high quality, and the biggest bust in the department’s history.

“Usually, when I get something it’s just in little bits and pieces,” said Officer Perry.

Officers said Ye, who was carrying a New Jersey drivers license, was coming from Wewoka. Now, investigators are working to determine where Ye was going and who he works with.

The investigation, though, comes with a price. Officer Harmon told News 4 processing all the marijuana made him sick.

“After weighing everything out and counting everything last night and then pulling it back out today,” Officer Harmon said. “Marijuana gives me a headache. I don’t like the smell of it.”

Ye was booked in the Pottawatomie County Jail on Reckless Driving and Drug Trafficking charges. He’s being held on a $50,000 bond.