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BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – New details are surfacing after a body was found in a Bethany drainage ditch in early November.

Court documents are painting a clearer picture of how the body may have ended up in the ditch. 

The discovery was made at the drainage ditch at NW 29th Terrace and N. Peniel Ave. on November 10 at about 10 p.m.

By 5 a.m. the next morning, 30-year-old Jordan Evans was being booked into jail in connection with the case.

Jordan Evans mugshot
Jordan Evans

Evans has since been charged with first degree murder.

Court documents identify the victim as Jason Parker.

Julie Beckley lives on NW 29th street, just a few houses down from the intersection where her close friend Parker died.

By the drainage ditch where he lost his life now stands a memorial for him which has a large cross, flowers and candles.

Beckley said there was a fight between Evans and Parker over $30 wire cutters that Parker borrowed from Evans and that’s what led to the shooting.

“There was a whole deal about the cutters because they were Jordan’s and Jason ended up with them and Jordan was mad about it,” she said. “So, it just built from there. I think it’s crap. I’m sure it was other stuff and it just snowballed. I’m really not sure we’ll never know what that was really about.”

According to court documents, Evans is accused of shooting Parker in the chest. The injured man ran for his life, but collapsed in the drainage ditch at the intersection of NW 29th Terrace and Peniel Ave.

Beckley said Parker was trying to make it to her house for help.

“I feel terrible about it because there’s my house right there,” she pointed. “He was laying down here and I don’t know for how long and I don’t think I want to know for how long. It’s hard to deal with that everyday because I feel guilty. Maybe if I would have heard and known he was down here I could have maybe saved his life.”

The court documents say it was Evans that called 911 to tell authorities about Parker’s unresponsive body at the ditch. This reportedly happened after his grandmother encouraged him to do so. He had already come home and was allegedly crying and vomiting, and his grandmother became suspicious of him.

The documents also say Evans told his girlfriend that he shot Parker. 

Evans reported to have told his mother that he got into an alteration with Parker and that Parker “was gonna hit me, I didn’t mean to.”

The district court of Oklahoma County has issued search warrants for Evans’ cell phone and a DNA test from Evans, who is in the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

OSBI is investigating the case.