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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Monday July 15th, multiple search warrants were filed in Oklahoma County Court detailing the death of Toyin Amuda, an 18-year-old recent graduate of Deer Creek High School who was found dead in the pool of a million-dollar home after a party. The homecoming king died on June 16th at a home in the Villagio neighborhood.

The new court documents are search warrants for Amuda’s car and cell phone. Investigators wanted to see if the items would provide any evidence related to Amuda’s death or his possessing or consuming alcohol under the legal drinking age of 21.

New details were also given on the party that occurred before Amuda’s death.

The documents reveal that when investigators first arrived on scene, they were told the homeowner’s daughter “was hosting a birthday party for one of her friends, with her parents’ permission.”

Those interviewed on scene said, “there was no alcohol at the party, and no one saw anyone bring alcohol to the party.”

Investigators learned there were about “25 to 35 people attending the party” and “none of the attendees were 21 years of age.” However, “three adults over the age of 21 were present on the premises.”

Witnesses described “the consumption of alcohol and marijuana by party goers, including Toyin.” According to the documents, Amuda was also “seen carrying a beer can during the party.”

One witness “stated he arrived at the party early, before the sun had set, and there was an abundance of alcoholic beverages on the various tables near the swimming pool.”

Those beverages included JELL-O shots and beer.

The court documents state investigators found “many empty cans of beer and remnants of other alcoholic beverages inside trash bags” near the pool and “vomit in multiple locations.”

Details from the medical examiner were also listed that said “Toyin’s stomach was enlarged and contained a pale yellow liquid, indicative of alcohol.”

In addition, EMSA also noted “a strong smell of alcohol on Toyin’s person.”

It was also reported that “Toyin did not know how to swim. His outer clothes were found nearby and they were not wet.”

Investigators noted, “it is probable in an intoxicated state he decided to enter the swimming pool or fell into the swimming pool.”

During the investigation, it was also learned that Amuda “left the party then returned” but, “it’s unknown where he went or what he did during this time.”

Investigators requested a search warrant for Amuda’s cell phone to aid in further investigation. However, “the family and/or the legal counsel has since decided against cooperating with this agreement.”

Law enforcement filed a search warrant ordering that phone to be handed over. 

Meanwhile, investigators were able to search Amuda’s car and reported “no material evidence was recovered from the vehicle.”

KFOR reached out to the Amuda family for reaction to the new documents, and they’re considering our request.