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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – KFOR has learned new details about the University of Central Oklahoma cheer team’s alleged hazing.

“I know the university felt like they had to be dealt with and dealt with pretty quickly,” said Ed Blau, Oklahoma City defense attorney.

The University of Central Oklahoma’s cheer team has been suspended. UCO officials found that team members were involved in hazing.

KFOR made an open records request for documents on the investigation. 

Showing “members were blindfolded,” “asked to answer questions that were sexual in nature,” “performed lap dances,” alcohol was “provided to underage team members” and more.

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University of Central Oklahoma

The team is suspended for the remainder of the school year and not allowed to participate in national competitions for two years.

“It does reflect negatively on the university, and by suspending the organization for a year or two, I’m sure the university is trying to send a message to those other organizations that behavior and activities like this will not be tolerated,” Blau said.

Blau said universities take hazing allegations very seriously. 

“Universities have a responsibility to get all the information as quickly as they can and get it out to the public once the public knows about the allegations, and I’m sure that’s what UCO was trying to do here,” Blau said.

But some members of the team are not happy with the university’s investigation.

One taking to Facebook, saying in part, “I was a so called ‘victim’ at this event. I do not feel as I or any of my teammates were hazed at any point during this event or anytime throughout the season. Participating in this event was optional and never forced, not hazing.”

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University of Central Oklahoma

She added “the media was given information from the university before the team could even have a meeting to ask questions.”

“I feel like there was a rush to judgement based on stereotypes of cheerleaders and that they are mean girls.”

UCO Parents and Cheer sent KFOR the following statement:

“An appeal and formal request was sent to the University asking for a meeting to discuss the false allegations and mishandling of the UCO Cheer Hazing Investigation and Punishment handed down following a Team Bonding exercise in August 2020. We requested a response to be made within 24 hours followed by a meeting scheduled within the next three days.”


We have learned from the group that the president of the university has responded to their request, saying the students’ appeal will be heard and considered.

KFOR will keep you posted.