OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — For years, we’ve been highlighting the struggles many Oklahomans have had when trying to get their driver’s license or ID card.

Lawmakers created “Service Oklahoma” last year to help address the problem, but recurring outages and understaffing have only led to long lines and miscommunication on where you’re supposed to go.

Now, the agency believes a new computer system will finally be the fix to the frustration.

The process is in the early stages right now but once complete, it is expected to make life easier because you will be able to go to multiple different places in the state to get that new license, rather than suffering from long wait times at one location.

“It’s going to be easier for everyone because what happens a lot of times is there is a lack of communication or a misunderstanding, because a lot of it, when you come in from another state, they don’t have tag agencies, so they usually have to go to one place,” Nichol Hill, Co-owner of Hill Tag Agency said. “So now, you know, they will be able to come here and be able to get everything done.”

Two major changes are being made in hopes to spread out service and lower wait times, so not everyone has to go to Service Oklahoma to get the same things done.

“So, the only thing that’s happening that’s coming new is that we’re all being trained now to actually be able to do out of state driver’s license,” Hill said. “We will also, at some point be able to do, if you’ve never had a driver’s license, to put you actually into the system instead of you having to go to service Oklahoma.”

Hill Tag Agency is already being trained for the new services they will be able to offer once the new system is put into place.

“It will eliminate some of that confusion that has happened previously, and I’m sure service Oklahoma will be glad that we will be able to eliminate some of their their weight as well with being able to do some of those,” Hill said.

Service Oklahoma sent News 4 this statement:

“Service Oklahoma is working through the state procurement process to seek proposals for a full replacement of the state’s driver license system. A new system will better align Service Oklahoma’s business practices and technology needs, automate processes, and meet the demands of the driver license system of record. We hope to have a vendor selected by the first of the year. Once selected, we anticipate the new driver license system to be implemented across the state within 12-18 months.”

Hill just ask people to be patient with them once the new system begins.

“Only thing I can say is for the consumers to just be patient with us all, because as things are rolling out, it does take time,” Hill said.

Service Oklahoma says they hope to have a vendor by the first of the year and once selected, the new drivers license system will be implemented across the state in 12 to 18 months.