EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — Tanner Justis is one step closer to continuing his business of setting up a pumpkin and Christmas tree stand in Edmond.

You may remember when we first did the story after the City of Edmond adopted an ordinance which would have ultimately forced him to choose between the two stands.

The good news is the Edmond Planning Commission approved the revised ordinance, but Justis isn’t in the clear yet. It now has to be approved by the Edmond City Council in order for him to continue his operations.

“I think it’s a good proposal to move forward with and I’m grateful that we were even at this point,” Tanner Justis said.

He was happy about progress following confusion and frustration when hearing he would only be able to operate either his pumpkin or Christmas tree stand, but not both.

“This operation was going on long before my time, very well without any permits,” Justis said.

“The purpose of this permit was designed to allow infrequent and intermittent retail sales on property zoned open display commercial without requiring the full site plan for inspections,” Kory Atcuson, City Clerk of Edmond said.

However, after complaints from stand owners and News 4 stepping in, city staff reconsidered the current ordinance.

“Permits issued for a specific lot shall not in total exceed 180 days each calendar year,” Atcuson said. “Basically allowing that person or business to split that up how they wish. They could take a whole 180 days on one permit or they could do up to several 30 day permits.”

Changing from the current ordinance which only allowed one 30 day permit every six months, which would allow Justis to continue running both stands.

“We got enough time to be able to do both the Christmas trees and the pumpkins for the proper amount of time in the season, so that everyone gets what they need,” Justis said.

The Edmond Planning Commission voted in favor of the ordinance change 3-1, but it still has to be approved by the Edmond City Council. They will hear the proposal and vote on it Monday.

For now Justis has been given a temporary permit so he can open up his Christmas tree stand for the time being.