WELLSTON, Okla. (KFOR) – The new high school girl’s basketball coach and elementary counselor in Wellston is causing worry for some parents. 

“It’s very concerning,” said Nicole Burns, a Wellston parent of three. 

The district hired Chad Hutchison last month, but used Monday night’s board meeting as a platform for both parents to express their concerns, and for people to voice their support for the new hire. 

“I feel like the Wellston Community, you could have very positive change here if you’re willing to open your minds,” said Heather Gomez, a former coworker of Hutchison’s. 

The reason for some parents’ concerns dates back to over a decade ago. Court records reveal Hutchison was found to have had an “improper romantic relationship” with an 18-year-old athlete he was coaching at Thomas-Fay-Custer Unified Schools in 2009.  

Court documents filed in 2010 detail some of the texts between Hutchison and the teen.

Below is an excerpt from a correspondence dating back to May 4, 2009: 

Hutchison: “So what guy do you set across from? Better close your legs.” 

Girl: “Well I don’t think hell be lookin. . . Cz HE is DESTINY” 

Hutchison: “Best of luck! Don’t need me for anything, so run fast and close your legs. Really I have no use for your bulls**t.” 

Hutchison: “Think how stupid it is when your on your own!” 

Hutchison: “Spread real wide then. Hope your fitting in. This affects your running.! Its not like you have prom tonight.”

Girl: “Ur sick” 

Girl: “I already am on my own”  

When asked how Hutchison would feel if those texts were sent to his daughter by her coach, Hutchison told KFOR, “I would have similar concerns and I would confront them and talk to them.” 

According to court records, “it is undisputed” that Hutchison and the teen “met in their vehicles on a country road at or near dusk at least five times in the spring of 2009 and remained there for anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes.” 

“We had met not by design,” said Hutchison when asked about this. 

Although the district attorney declined to pursue charges, the coach was ultimately terminated from his position for moral turpitude, which, according to court records, is “any conduct contrary to justice, honesty and good morals.” 

However, he’s had other jobs since and at Monday’s meeting had glowing reviews from nearly a dozen people. 

“I’ve never once witnessed anything inappropriate,” said a woman who said she was a principal at a district Hutchison used to work at. 

“There’s a lot of folks that need to do some investigation on their own, find out the facts,” added another Hutchison supporter. 

Hutchison’s wife and daughter were also among those speaking on his behalf. 

School starts for Wellston next week.