OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A new insurance plan is coming into the fold for residents of Oklahoma, Canadian and Cleveland counties.

It comes as lots of Oklahomans lose access to SoonerCare following the end of COVID-19 pandemic benefits.

“It’s absolutely huge,” said Jeff Yuan, co-founder of Taro Health.

Taro Health has made its way to the sooner state after first offering services in Maine. They’re partnering with roughly 40 direct primary care providers to put their plan on the affordable care act exchange and the plan is paired with unlimited access to direct primary care.

“Oklahoma actually leads in this direct primary care model,” Yuan said.

The coverage comes as lots of Oklahomans lose access to SoonerCare after eligibility requirements resumed following the pandemic.

“This is actually a coverage product, an insurance product that delivers direct care,” said Dr. Kyle Rickner with Primary Health Partners.

Rickner founded Primary Health Partners in northwest Oklahoma City. It’s a direct primary care practice who is partnering with Taro Health.

“You can engage right from the beginning with a provider in a relationship based primary care model that can deliver real world results in terms of preventative primary care, the avoidance of urgent care, the avoidance of emergency room care,” Rickner said.

There’s no co-pays, there’s same-day and next-day access and extended appointments along with after-hour needs, meaning if someone needed to directly text or call their own provider, they can.

Yuan added that their premiums sit in the middle of the market. He said he hopes it can make a difference for those who really need it.

“From day one you feel like you have good access to a doctor and that initial relationship that you build with a doctor sticks, someone that you trust. so, we’re trying to make that experience real unique for folks,” Yuan said.

The plan is for those who don’t have healthcare through an employer or those who are self employed or work at small businesses. Yuan said they plan to expand the coverage throughout Oklahoma in the future. You might qualify for a discount as well.

Visit healthcare.gov for more information. Citizens can enroll during the open enrollment period starting Nov. 1.