OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – New technology revealed at the Will Rogers World Airport Monday is supposed to help with lines and dealing with ID verification at the security checkpoint.

Lines can be a hassle at the airport, especially around the holidays, but officials said with this technology, you don’t have to get out your ID.

Instead, you only need to scan your fingers or eyes.

“We have a lot of members that already reside in this area,” said Jeff Langton, the Vice President of Operations for CLEAR. “The size of Oklahoma City is perfect for our membership base.”

The new technology comes from a company called clear and it’s supposed to clear an easier pathway for travelers in Oklahoma City.

Its main function is skipping the process of getting out your wallet and ID for individual verification at security checkpoints. Instead, it scans your fingers or eyes to take care of that.

“After we do that validation, then our ambassadors will escort you through a dedicated lane and take you to TSA,” Langton said. “Our members save time by not having to wait in line at the security checkpoint.”

In 48 other locations, CLEAR can be used on both ends of one’s travel. It’s also slated to create 23 jobs and generate $1.2 million in local economic activity here every year.

With it being the holiday season, Director of Airports in Oklahoma City Jeff Emulder said it’s good timing to help with lines.

“It keeps it out of the ticket lobby. It’s a better experience for the passenger. You don’t have congestion and confusion on lines, so it’s a much better situation,” he said.

Enrollment takes roughly 5 minutes at one of their kiosks or it can be done online on a mobile app. Even with the service, however, Emulder said being on time needs to be a priority to avoid any issues.

“Especially if it’s early morning flights, that’s when we see a peak of our departures,” he said.

The price for CLEAR is $16 per month, but it is billed annually. They offer discounts with Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Express members. There are also discounts for active military, veterans, and government officials.

The company has 14 million members, and their technology can be used at any of their 48 locations throughout the country.