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NEWALLA, Okla.  (KFOR) – The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office says it’s thankful after a Newalla woman survived a brutal beating and hostage situation Friday morning. 

“It was absolutely sad, absolutely gruesome and you know, it’s just heartbreaking,” said Hunter McKee, a spokesman for the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). “We’re just happy that she’s okay and she got out.”

According to McKee, on Friday, Keller broke into the woman’s house and held her hostage for hours. 

“Beat her severely,” said McKee. “He even tried to drown her in her bathtub at one point, or at least threatened to… She had cuts and bruises all over her face.” 

Eventually, McKee says the woman was able to break free from her home. However, as she ran to a neighbor’s house to get help, Keller allegedly fired a gunshot towards her, which fortunately missed. 

“She was beaten so badly that the neighbors who knew her decently well, when they answered the door and saw her, they didn’t even recognize her,” said McKee. 

The neighbors called the police, but before authorities got to the scene, Keller took off in the woman’s vehicle, according to McKee. 

Deputies in McClain County tracked Keller down and attempted to pull him over. However, Keller then led them on a reckless pursuit. 

“I think we had some speeds up to 90 miles an hour and him passing vehicles in no passing zones,” said McClain County Sheriff, Landy Offolter. “We pursued him south of Dibble to a business.” 

There, Keller bailed out of his vehicle and barricaded himself inside an upstairs office. 

Sheriff Offolter said all of the business’ employees were evacuated

“We were trying to make contact with the subject when the deputies heard a gunshot,” said Sheriff Offolter. “We actually couldn’t see in the office. So, we initiated our drone where the drone looked in the window and we saw him in a chair. It looked like he had a gunshot wound.”

Keller later died at a hospital, according to the sheriff. 

The woman was taken to a hospital as well. She’s expected to recover from her injuries, according to the CCSO.