NEWCASTLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Newcastle Police are hoping the public can help them track down a burglary suspect they said assaulted a woman when she came home.

“Hello?” the burglary victim said during a tearful call to 911. “I walked home and someone was in my house.”

Police said it happened at 3:00pm Tuesday afternoon, near Northeast 9th street. The suspect allegedly turned violent and busted her lip.

“He punched her several times in the face. She did receive some minor facial injuries,” said Detective Kevin Morrissey with the Newcastle Police Department.

“He hit me two or three times but I don’t think I’m too bad,” said the victim to dispatchers. “He made me hide in the bedroom I just know he’s not in my house.”

“It sound like he took her cell phone so she couldn’t call immediately and report him. Probably had her stay in the bedroom so he could flee,” said Det. Morrissey.

Officers said he ran over to her neighbor’s house to call 911. She told dispatchers he was a black man, with short facial hair, possibly wearing a green flannel-type shirt, and another feature captured the woman’s attention.

“[The suspect] had an overwhelming odor of cigarettes about him,” said Det. Morrissey.

“He smelled like cigarette smoke,” said the victim to 911 dispatchers.

Newcastle Police believe the suspect was busy that day. Not only did he hit the young woman’s home, but officers believe he also stole someone’s phone from Newcastle Casino.

Since the burglary, Newcastle Police has teamed up with Lighthorse Police.

“We believe we may have him identified, but there are some further steps to the investigative process we would like to go through before we actually release an identity,” said Det. Morrissey.