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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An accused metro murderer and his cellmate are back in custody after escaping the Oklahoma County Detention Center through a window on the 12th floor, scaling down using bed sheets.

Pablo Robledo was escorted through the front door of the Oklahoma County Jail, Friday afternoon, after a brief taste of freedom.

“This man had nothing to lose,” U.S. Marshal Johnny Kuhlman said.

Around 7 a.m., Oklahoma City police say they found Robledo’s cell mate, Jose Hernandez, lying on the concrete outside with his leg broken. Hernandez was in the jail on multiple charges, including first-degree rape.

Above him, police say they saw a busted out window 12 stories up.

Robledo was already gone with a two hour head start. The 34-year-old was originally in jail connected to a 30-year-old man’s murder in June 2019.

“It’s still amazing to me that he was able to escape,” Kuhlman said.

The two inmates scaled down a 100-foot makeshift rope made of sheets and paper from the 12th floor. Jail officials tell KFOR the 12th floor is reserved for extremely violent offenders and has high security.

Newly released surveillance video captured Robledo’s first steps on the ground after escaping.

Robledo is seen ducking behind vehicles, attempting to jump over the wall and then taking off.

The escape launched a multi-county agency manhunt across the metro all day Friday.

Around 2:30 p.m., Robledo was spotted in a neighborhood near SW 37th and I-44, which is six miles from the jail.

“His father lived down the street,” neighbor Gayla Finley said. “They had surveillance.”

Robledo surrendered peacefully and was hauled right back were he started.

Just this month, the Jail Trust was handed over operations of the Oklahoma County Jail from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

County Commissioner Kevin Calvey of the Jail trust sent KFOR this statement:

“Sheriff Taylor had the responsibility to maintain the jail, including the windows through which the inmates escaped, and Taylor failed. Sheriff Taylor also allowed 2 inmates to escape in the past several months when he had sole responsibility for the jail. Taylor was given millions of dollars to maintain the jail and its vehicles and to spray for bugs, but he spent the money instead on military vehicles and other unnecessary items. The legacy of Taylor’s mismanagement is more fully being exposed now, and the Trust management is fixing the problems as they come to light.”

County Commissioner Kevin Calvey

Sheriff P.D. Taylor fired back, releasing this statement to KFOR:

“At a time when we should be celebrating great work by the law enforcement community for their outstanding work tracking down an Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority escapee facing murder charges, Oklahoma County Commissioner Kevin Calvey sends out an anti-law enforcement release full of misinformation. He also deflects from his responsibilities to the jail.

Years ago, Oklahoma County reinforced jail windows with metal grates after the building opened due to poor design. These escapees had to cut through those grates, and no one at the jail noticed, so how is that my fault? They hoarded bed sheets for their escape and were free for more than an hour and Jail Trust administration didn’t even know until outside law enforcement notified them, that’s not my fault. Enough is enough.

During my time at the jail, I found $3-million in savings and sent that money back to the county. Under my leadership we reduced jail deaths by 83%, we spent more than $30,000 over the past 3-years addressing pest control issues at the jail. Military surplus vehicles acquired by this agency before I was elected sheriff, I disposed of those vehicles after being elected my first year. We remain committed to helping the Trust succeed, but we aren’t going to let Commissioner Calvey’s easily disproven allegations distract us from our commitment to protecting the public.”

Sheriff P.D. Taylor