NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. (KFOR) – Employees at a local Starbucks are working to become the first unionized Starbucks store in Oklahoma.

The vote to unionize the store, located at N.W. 63rd and Grand, is in limbo due to five challenges.

“We had five challenges, which were determinative to the vote. But in spite of that, we are a vote ahead and are expecting that when those challenges are resolved that we are going to win the first store in Oklahoma City,” said William Westlake, with the National Organizing Committee.

Officials say there were 10 votes in favor of unionizing and nine votes against.

Since August of last year, over 260 Starbucks stores in 33 states have filed for union elections.

Starbucks has urged its employees to push back on the unionization effort. The coffee chain said in December that it did not want unions to come between the company and its workers, but pledged to “respect the legal process” and “bargain in good faith.”