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YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – The Canadian County Election Board says a possible case of voter fraud in Tuesday’s election was just an honest mistake.

It started when a Yukon voter was told someone had voted for her deceased husband, but an investigation found that someone else had simply signed on the wrong line.

“There wasn’t a signature by my name, there was a signature by his name. I didn’t have my glasses on when I signed,” Robert Mickle said. “Apparently, I signed in the wrong spot.”

Canadian County Election Board Secretary Wanda Armold says it didn’t take long to figure out the problem after they started investigating what happened.

“We pulled the registry and looked at it,” Armold told KFOR. “I immediately noticed that two lines down from the deceased persons name was a name very similar.”

Just below the name Ronald Michael was the name Robert Mickle. Mickle confirmed to KFOR that it was his signature next to the wrong name.

“I didn’t mean to sign in the wrong spot. Believe me,” Mickle said. “I was in a hurry that morning. Came in, voted, ran out the door.”

The election board says it was nothing but a simple mistake that’s actually not out of the ordinary.

Mickle says he’s just sorry for any stress this may have caused Ronald’s widow.

“I’m sorry for the lady that was very upset about it,” Mickle said. “I apologize for the mistake that I made, but it was an honest mistake.”

Glennie says she understands that Mickle didn’t mean to sign the wrong line. She’s just glad that it was a simple mistake, and that no one was trying to take advantage of her husband’s name.

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