NOBLE, Okla. (KFOR) – An investigation is underway in Noble after a 19-month-old was found to be living in a home full of filth and more than two dozen dogs. 

“It was a really disgusting scene,” said Hunter McKee, a spokesman for the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). 

McKee says the Department of Human Services expressed concerns about the living conditions to the CCSO, so after the sheriff’s office served a warrant, the two agencies teamed up to search the home on Tuesday. 

“As they walked in the home, there was this strong smell of urine and feces,” said McKee. “There were several feces on the floor. There were approximately 30 dogs inside the house, plus dozens of others outside.” 

McKee said investigators immediately deemed the home unsafe for the toddler. 

“The child was not inside the home at the time,” said McKee. “They were able to locate that child, placed the child into protected state custody.”

Fortunately, she was found healthy. 

Animal Welfare also came to the home to check out the dogs, according to McKee. He says they didn’t find any health problems, so the dogs are able to stay on the property. 

As for the suspects, no one has been arrested yet. 

According to McKee, the property does not belong to the child’s biological parents. He says three other people were living at the home, however. Their relationship to the child is not clear. 

McKee says Child Neglect charges will likely be filed tomorrow or sometime next week. 

“This is still an ongoing investigation, so our investigator is trying to look into who exactly is involved in this,” said McKee. “It’s extremely sad, but we’re going to do whatever it takes to keep the children safe.”