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NOBLE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Noble County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an uptick of car thefts and break-ins in the northern part of the county near Perry, Red Rock, and Marland.

“It’s just kind of eerie because you don’t really know what’s going on. It’s been happening quite a bit lately,” said Ariya Regnier.

Reginer said she and her mother are now without their two ten-point crossbows and hunting gear, after thieves broke into her grandparent’s barn in Red Rock.

“Our crossbows were hanging right up on those, that back wall,” Regnier told KFOR, while pointing to an area in the barn’s loft. “They were in backpacks so [the suspects} just took what they could carry.”

Regnier said the crossbows alone are worth $2,000. However, that’s not all the suspects allegedly stole.

“We both had a set of camo hunting bibs that were probably around $150 each, a coat, and I had pair of boots that were like $300, so quite a bit. And our hunting blind is probably $100,” said Regnier.

The family believes they are not the only targets.

“Lots of neighbors and farmers have lost things that are necessary for them to keep doing what they’re doing and make a living. And so what I’ve lost is pretty minuscule, not a necessity like other people have,” said Regnier.

Noble County Sheriff Matt McGuire said the suspects are hitting homes and cars in Perry, Red Rock, Marland, and the northern part of the county.

“It’s been more than normal,” said Sheriff McGuire. “Because of the time frame and as much crime that took place in the same area, it would not surprise me at all if, if it was connected.”

Sheriff McGuire is now asking residents to lock up their homes and cars.

“I’m encouraging people to remove their weapons out of their vehicles or anything out of significant value and to lock their vehicles and lock their residences and their barns,” said Sheriff McGuire.

The sheriff said deputies and Perry police have been able to find some of the stolen cars, but not much of the stolen property.

Patrol has since been ramped up in the areas hit.