NOBLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Noble High School experienced a potential threat Wednesday morning.

According to Noble PS, Noble High School was made aware of a potential threat Monday morning. The high school was placed under a soft lockdown while the issue was addressed by a school resource officer and Noble police.

Noble PS Superintendent, Frank Solomon, says the student involved was immediately identified and apprehended. Solomon added that the student is being disciplined as the law allows.

Noble Public Schools released a statement on Wednesday regarding the incident:

Noble High School was notified this morning of a potential threat. School Resource Officer Joe
Kahlden and the Noble Police Department were notified to assess and address the situation.
The high school was briefly placed on a soft lockdown while identification was taking place. The
student was immediately identified and apprehended. The student is being disciplined as the
law allows and charges are being filed with law enforcement.

Noble Public Schools will always be proactive in the protection of our students. Thank You to
our students for notifying the school administration and allowing us to remove the potential
threat and protect our students and staff. We appreciate your support. Thank you.”