NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) — With the new school year right around the corner, a topic on the mind of many students and parents is safety. This year, Norman Public Schools will add a new layer of protection.

“We’ve been blessed to have great relationships between the city and the county for many years in Norman as a community,” said Dr. Nick Migliorino, Superintendent of Norman Public Schools.

Norman Public Schools, the Norman Police Department, and the Cleveland County Sheriffs Office are working together in an effort to enhance safety in Norman Schools.

“Providing a safe space for our students and our staff that are there is just the right thing to do,” stated Migliorino.

Migliorino said by the first day of class all schools will have resource officers.

“The elementary parents were coming to us saying we have to do something for our most vulnerable kids,” added Migliorino.

While Norman PD supplies some SRO’s, Cleveland County stepped up to fill the void where officers are needed.

“We are only doing the 17 elementaries,” said Chris Amason, Cleveland County Sheriff. “They’re there to do nothing but protect the children.”

Amason said he looks forward to the partnership with Norman public schools to protect elementary students.

“Parents are anxious today about sending their children to school and if anything I can do to protect our children and give parents a little bit of sense of security and safety, that that’s what I’m wanting to do,” added Amason.