NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A Norman city council candidate is being accused of removing his opponent’s mailer from somebody’s mailbox. The act, which happened on January 14, was caught on camera.

Ward 4 council candidate Doane Harrison is the one who was caught removing opponent Gale Hobson’s mailer from a home on the 1400 block of Morland Ave. 

The homeowner’s door camera filmed the act. It shows what appears to be Harrison dropping his campaign mailer in the resident’s mailbox and then immediately removing her mailer from it. 

Hobson was speechless when the resident sent the video to her.

“I can tell you I was shocked,” said Hobson to KFOR. “I really was stunned and I was outraged. I was very, very upset. I’m upset for myself. I’m upset for the donors. My donors have paid over $4,000 to mail these.”

This story was first reported by The Norman Transcript. Doane tells them he was the person in the video, explaining that he was confused or had the wrong thing in his hand. He said he had a Hobson mailer with him and may have thought he put that in the mailbox instead of his mailer.

“He admitted that it was him and then he said he didn’t really know why he did it,” Hobson said to KFOR. “He was confused. He had a number of stories.”

KFOR spoke to the homeowner, Clead Grady, who Hobson removed the mailer from.

“That’s very low,” he said. “They should never, ever try to do anything like that. We don’t need people like that running in our offices.”

He and his wife showed us a Facebook message of them confronting Harrison, in which he said his team had been putting flyers in Ward 4 mailboxes but, “never to my knowledge taking anything out.”

This correspondence took place before he allegedly later admitted it was him to The Norman Transcript. 

“There’s enough people that distrust our government and now he’s encouraged people to be more distrustful of our government and that’s not what we want to do as leaders,” Hobson said.

Doane did not respond to KFOR’s request for comment.

The election is February 8.