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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Norman Police and the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology are currently investigating The Beauty Bar Aesthetics and Lasers after receiving complaints of fraudulent charges as well as allegedly performing services they’re not licensed for.

A former client of The Beauty Bar Aesthetics and Lasers, Camry Sandefer said she was overcharged $429.53 twice last year.

One charge was in July and another was in November.

Sandefer said she had no idea why she was charged, so she reached out to the beauty bar’s owner, Mercedes Rimmer.

“My booking app automatically charges clients for no show, within 72 hours cancellation and cancelling multiple appointments without being the end of the month. I assume that’s what that is, lemme look!,” Rimmer texted Sandefer on August 1.

Sandefer said she cancelled the first appointment within the appropriate time frame though.

“Can we get this fixed?,” Sandefer asked Rimmer.

Rimmer responded to Sandefer saying she’d get it taken care of.

“I kind of wrote that off. I was like a good friend would do a certain thing,” said Sandefer.

However, Sandefer claims to have never received a refund to date.

November came along and the same dollar amount, to the penny was withdrawn from Sandefer’s bank account again.

This time, Rimmer blamed it on the app she uses for client transactions.

Rimmer told Sanderfer in a text message she couldn’t issue a refund because the money wasn’t in her account.

Sandefer said it then went silent and she was essentially “ghosted” by Rimmer.

“This is not alright. I’m not letting this one go,” stated Sandefer.

She disputed the November charge with her bank and luckily received a refund.

However, Sandefer said the bank told her it was too late to flag the July charge because too much time had passed, so she’s still out $429.53.

Sandefer then filed a report with Norman Police on Friday.

According to the police report, Rimmer is being investigated for embezzlement and computer fraud.

Sandefer also took it a step further and filed a complaint with the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology for “using machines not under her [Rimmer] scope of practice.”

The complaint also details Rimmer allegedly offered “training classes which is not under her scope of practice as well.”

A board investigator replied to Sandefer saying they were investigating her claims. Sandefer is also a local esthetician.

She told KFOR she and Rimmer went to cosmetology school together where they obtained the same license.

Sandefer said they’re not allowed to go past the first layer of skin, but Rimmer is doing so through multiple services still offered on her website as of Monday afternoon.

“Tattoo removal. Fibroblast. Brazilian laser hair removal. Stretch mark removal. Skin tag removal,” Sandefer listed the services not allowed, but Rimmer allegedly offers.

This isn’t Rimmer’s first state board investigation, according to an eviction notice she was served on November 2, 2022.

“Due to multiple complaints by customers, complaints that have led to state board investigations and failure to maintain a harmonious work environment, as your landlord I ask for Mercedes Rimmer to vacate the establishment within 15 days of this notice,” the eviction letter read.

Someone involved with the space Rimmer previously rented told News 4 off camera the state board came by at least twice to investigate claims against Rimmer.

Rimmer allegedly worked in that space for only eight months before being evicted.

Sandefer said she’s shocked with everything that has come to light.

Sandefer also posted to social media about her situation to which she claims 30+ women came forward with similar situations.

“I just kind of feel like I’m fighting for all the other people,” said Sandefer.

News 4 reached out to the State Board of Cosmetology Wednesday morning, but didn’t hear back.

When News 4 stopped by their office in Oklahoma City Wednesday afternoon, we were told they “weren’t seeing anyone today.”

The board has not responded to KFOR’s inquiry about their investigation into Rimmer nor Rimmer’s licensing.

News 4 reached out to Rimmer through Facebook Messenger and through text. She didn’t respond. News 4 also called Rimmer, but only got a hold of her voicemail.

The Beauty Bar Aesthetics and Lasers’ door was locked and it appeared no one was inside when News 4 stopped by.

If you have dealt with Rimmer in the past and had a negative experience, Sandefer encourages you to file a report with Norman PD under Case #2023-8609.