NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Car bandits are on the prowl in Norman. Police report a group of young thieves have stolen about 10 cars in the last two weeks.

Norman resident Stephanie Daniels tells KFOR her vehicle was stolen in the early hours of July 27th and then used to break into and steal other cars.

She said the stolen white Ford Escape was her gift to her son for his sixteenth birthday.

“I went to bed as normal as usual on Monday, the 26th, and woke up the 27th, and his vehicle was gone,” Daniels said.

The SUV was taken right from their driveway in the Carrington Lakes neighborhood near West Franklin Road and 36th Avenue Northwest.

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Surveillance captured a vehicle theft in Norman. Image courtesy of Stephanie Daniels

In surveillance footage from Daniels’ neighbor, you can see her son’s stolen white SUV tailing another SUV – the two vehicles appearing to be working together. A person jumped out of one of vehicles and attempted to break into a car.

“I’m a mom to three kids as well, and so I get kids to do some things, but I just am disappointed,” Daniels shared while watching the footage with KFOR.

The speedy bandits were caught on multiple cameras that morning. One video in a nearby cul-de-sac shows one of the thieves trying to open the doors of four different vehicles, gaining access into two of them.

Daniels said the Norman Police Department told her that her son’s SUV was used to both break into and steal other vehicles that morning.

Officers found the stolen Ford Escape Wednesday at an apartment complex five miles from her home.

“My car may be totaled,” Daniels shared. “Both sides are scratched all the way down. The doors squeak when you open them.”

Norman police told KFOR there have been about 10 car thefts in Central and West Norman since July 16th.

“It’s a sacrifice to buy a car,” Daniels expressed. “I am just disappointed. It’s a waste of time. It’s a waste of money. I just want some justice to be done to these juveniles.”

Norman police report they’re working to identify the suspects.