NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A very special moment took place Thursday afternoon – A Norman family who was trapped after a tornado destroyed their home was reunited with the paramedic who saved them from the rubble.

Frances Tabler calls EMSSTAT’s Meagan Tompkins “a God send.” 

Sunday night, the paramedic saved her and her three kids from the wreckage a wild tornado left them trapped in. 

They reunited for the first time since that terrifying night on Thursday at Norman Regional Nine hospital..

“Well, I had called 911 twice because I was like where are they? We’re trapped in here. We were still trapped in there,” KFOR heard Tabler explain to Tompkins.

“We had no idea you guys were even trapped until we got there, because the dispatch center was just so busy,” an intrigued Tompkins responded.

Tabler said the roof of their home on the 1900 block of Frost Lane in Southeast Norman was completely ripped off except for the hallway where she and the children, ages 12, ten and seven, braced for their lives.

“I’m just thankful, thankful that we were right here where we were protected,” Tabler told KFOR. “But it was really scary and traumatic.”

Tompkins and her partners not only saved the family from the rubble, but from a broken meter that was spewing gas into the destroyed home. So, there was no shortage of hugs at this emotional reunion.

“Just thank you so much for risking your life to come in there for us,” Tabler told Tompkins. “You’re not a fireman. You’re an EMT and you just came in there anyway because you knew there were people that needed you. So, we appreciate it so very much.”

 “It’s really nice seeing how everybody is doing, that they’re doing okay,” Tompkins would later tell us, expressing the recovery will take time. “It’s day by day.”

Tabler said she and the kids are staying at an extended stay hotel until they can find a new home, one she says will definitely have a storm shelter.