NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Just four months after a deadly shooting inside a Tulsa medical center, Norman’s first responders, nurses, and doctors spent their Wednesday getting hands-on training to prepare for an active shooter.

“Even if it were a practice shooting, it was surreal,” said Francis Sandy, an employee with Norman Regional Nine. “I had a lot of anxiety.” 

The sound and smell of simulated gunfire permeated the air at Norman Regional Nine Wednesday morning. 

Sandy was still shaken when she spoke to KFOR, but said she’s thankful for the intruder drill.

In the wake of mass shootings across the country, Norman Police showed the medical staff what to do if an armed person intruded. 

“We get better each time we run a drill,” Norman Police Chief, Kevin Foster. “We want to run an active shooter drill to get everybody on the same page, make sure we’re doing everything right and find those gaps and holes that we’re having in communication or response and fix those.” 

Paramedics, the swat team, police, and the fire department were all on board. Policemen were seen ensuring the safety of firearm practices. 

More than 90 Norman Regional staff members are undergoing this training, hoping to have proper knowledge if something happens.

“You always think of it outside of yourself unless it happens to you,” said Sandy.