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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – As storms rolled through the Sooner State on Sunday night, Norman was hit hard again for the second time in 6 months.

“It was crazy, it sounded like almost gun shots just constantly going off,” said Norman resident, Rachel Baker.

“It just sounded like a bunch of baseballs were being thrown at our house,” said OU student, Zach Heinrichs.

There were busted out windows, siding that now looks more like a cheese grater, smashed windshields and deep dents in cars.

“It didn’t really hit me until this morning and I was like, ‘my back window is really gone,’” said Heinrichs.

Norman residents cleaning up and replacing glass on Monday after they say golf ball-sized hail lasted for at least 15 minutes Sunday night.

A 2-year-old apartment complex just north of campus had literally every north facing window knocked out.

“There was glass all over the bed, had to deal with the water. I found the golf ball sized hail just lying in my bed, still it hadn’t melted,” said Norman resident, Brett Learmont.

“From the size of the holes on the windshield, I’m figuring its about golf ball sized hail,” said Jason Page.

A bit further north, long-time Normanite, Jason Page had every car window damaged while parked in his driveway and a bedroom window busted out. His house was also hit hard by hail back in April.

“These were a little bit bigger than the last ones,” said Page.

Monte Judah lives even further north in a neighborhood off Tecumseh and Flood.

He got a new roof this summer after the large hail storm hit his home back in April.

“It was a lot of hail but it tended to be smaller. We started getting wind damage. It just whipped things back and forth, tore up some stuff in my back yard and tore up my flag pole, just broke it right off,” said Monte Judah

Other homes in his area were still getting reroofed as last night hail hit.

There is no word right now if he will need a third set of shingles in the last eight years.

“This is Oklahoma, this is what we get in the spring and fall sometimes as weather goes through,” said Judah.

Residents, insurance adjusters and roofers will be very busy with cleanup for weeks in Norman.