NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) — A Norman homeowner has been dealing with busted pipelines for weeks. She said at first the City of Norman told her it was her problem to fix, but now they’re admitting they made a mistake.

“It is frustrating,” said Debra Poore, Norman resident.

Poore just moved into her dream home near Tecumseh Road in Norman.

That dream soon turned into a nightmare when she got a clog in her house.

“The city came and they ended up snaking a third manhole they found on my property,” explained Poore.

Poore said the city told her there was a possible break in the pipeline running under her house.

“They said, you have a break. We found a break. It’s on you. Sorry for the bad news,” said Poore.

She said city officials advised her to call a plumber and she did, but the plumber told her this was actually not her fault.

“He started digging, getting down there, digging. He did say that this is not on you. There’s evidence that the main line from the city is broke,” said Poore.

Poore said the city came back again, this time telling her the plumber broke the pipe and refused to fix it.

“I have a hole in my yard, and nobody wants to fix it,” explained Poore.

That’s when Poore called KFOR for help, and within an hour of talking to us, things quickly changed.

In an email to News 4, the city of Norman said they are working to fix the pipe breakage.

“The City of Norman Utilities Department responded to a sewer line concern at 3309 Bright Street on September 18. City crews removed an obstruction in the public side of a sewer line at the address to alleviate flow issues and, per standard protocol, examined pipes with pipe inspection cameras the following day. Line breakage was observed on the private and public sides of the line and the property owner was made aware. Plumbing services were pursued for private line concerns and a work order was issued for public side repairs, which were not immediately impairing pipe flow. The City of Norman is currently working with involved parties to remedy the issue to ensure quality service for the property owner.”

The City of Norman

Poore said that she was promised the issue would be resolved by the end of Friday.

“I’m just real appreciative that we got it taken care of,” she said. “Thank you KFOR for being in my corner.”