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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) —A Norman neighborhood was on edge after one homeowner’s dog was left with stitches. He was allegedly attacked by another dog.

Now the homeowner feels unsafe being in her own yard.

“My dog is traumatized. He doesn’t want to come out and he’s been hurting,” said Richel Madden, owner of the dog who was allegedly attacked.

Madden walks her dog Scooby to greet her son home from school nearly every day. But on Wednesday afternoon, things didn’t go as normal.

“This little girl came running and I looked and this massive dog,” Madden said. “He came chasing that little girl. That little girl took off, flying from here to where I was at that stoplight.”

She says that’s when the dog, who she believes to be a pitbull, turned and went straight for Scooby.

Madden was feeling helpless and left watching on in horror.

But her priority shifted, to make sure the little girl was OK, protecting her, as well as her son, who walked up as the attack was happening.

“I let go of my dog’s leash. I kept screaming, ‘Help my dog. Somebody call 911,’” Madden said.

Scooby was left with deep wounds in his neck and on his legs. He was rushed to the vet to get stitches.

Madden believes the type of collar Scooby was wearing may have prevented the injuries from being any worse.

“I think that probably saved his life. Because the pitbull would have ripped his throat,” Madden said.

Madden says just before the attack, the other dog’s owner was chasing after it and even tried to stop the fight.

Norman police tell KFOR, “The other dog’s owner attempted to break up the two animals, resulting in several bites or lacerations, all non-life-threatening injuries.”

Police also say it doesn’t classify as a dog attack, as the dog didn’t initially injure another human.

Madden is now terrified to be outside in the neighborhood. She’s afraid the dog may get loose and attack again. She’s not even letting her son walk home from school.

She also says Scooby still isn’t acting the same.

“Nevermind my trauma, but my dog and my son, they deserve justice,” Madden said. “If the owner of the dog, if she can hear this, if she watches this, I would like for her to reach out to me. She owes my family a big apology.”

Scooby is at home resting and healing. Police tell us the other dog remained with its owner as well. 

Police also say Madden can choose to press charges. Those charges could be anywhere from a leash violation to nuisance animal.