NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Several neighborhoods in Norman were rocked by a tornado Sunday night, and the Monday aftermath is one of heartbreak, frustration, and financial assessment.

The National Weather Service reported damage caused by an EF2 or greater tornado, while health officials at Norman Regional Hospital said 12 patients have been treated for injuries.

Multiple roads remain closed, as homes, businesses, and schools come to terms with the extraordinary damage.

  • Tornado damage in Norman, Oklahoma. Image KFOR.
  • Tornado damage in Norman, Oklahoma. Image KFOR.
  • Tornado damage in Norman, Oklahoma. Image KFOR.

“I don’t know how big it was but all I know is it was wreaking havoc,” said Mike Miller, who lives in the Highland Hills neighborhood in the southeast part of the city near E. Lindsey St. and 48th St.

He said his heart sank when access to his underground shelter was blocked during the storm.

“I was going to get my little dogs and head to the storm shelter, but my neighbor’s pergola from their pool is laying on my storm shelter,” he explained. “So, there was no getting into the storm shelter.”

In all the madness, a large part of his roof was damaged.

“It was so loud,” he said. “When that came off, you could just hear it rip off.”

Down the road, Bill Pitt and his wife are dealing with a large, uprooted tree in the front yard and a missing front porch, which Pitt found more than a hundred feet away in the back yard.

“I saw the porch down here and it just shows you how strong that tornado can be,” Pitt said.

Some residents in the neighborhood expressed that on top of the dealing with the damage, they’ve also been getting headaches from interactions with their home insurance companies.