NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Norman PD are still in search of a third suspect in an alleged rape that took place near Campus Corner.

Police arrested Arkavis Moore, 29, and Jacob Howard, 26, for two felony rape charges.

In an affidavit, police said the victim admitted to being “highly intoxicated” when three men forced her to have sex in an alleyway.

Norman Police said video evidence, “showed three males helping her walk into the alleyway after falling down and vomiting.”

“Alcohol does not cause sexual assault to happen,” said Amanda Kemp, Senior Director of Violence Prevention and Response at the YWCA. “The only reason sexual assault happens is because people choose to commit the crime.”

But Kemp said perpetrators look for vulnerabilities and being intoxicated can make some people targets.

There is no information about the victim, but being that the alleged crime happened a few hundred yards away from the state’s largest university, Kemp said it is important for that demographic to be aware and speak out if this type of violence occurs.

“There’s a lot of fear. There’s a fear of not being believed,” said Kemp. “There is a fear of some individuals are hesitant to interact with law enforcement based on their history and background.”

There is a third suspect, police said, but he is not yet in custody.

Norman PD said it will not release details of the third suspect at this time.

The alleged rape took place around Buchanan Avenue and White Street, which is just one block from the thoroughfare of Campus Corner.

Students and residents of Norman frequent Campus Corner for its restaurant and bar options. It sits just yards away from OU’s campus.

The University of Oklahoma released a statement Monday about the incident.

“While the alleged incident did not take place on our campus, the university is deeply concerned to hear this occurred in our city,” said OU. “Currently, we do not believe anyone involved in the incident is affiliated with the university.”

You can read the full statement below:

On Dec. 9, the University of Oklahoma Police Department was notified of a reported sexual assault in the Campus Corner area. The Campus Corner area and surrounding streets are under the jurisdiction of the Norman Police Department. While the alleged incident did not take place on our campus, the university is deeply concerned to hear this occurred in our city. Currently, we do not believe anyone involved in the incident is affiliated with the university. The safety of our students and all members of our campus community is always of paramount concern for the university.

In some instances, crimes that occur near campus may trigger a timely warning notification to the Norman campus community via the RAVE emergency communication system. However, in this particular instance, the university was not made aware of this off-campus reported crime until after two of the suspects had been arrested. Both OUPD and NPD continue to monitor this situation closely and will take all appropriate action.

The university works closely with NPD and other agencies; however, they are not required to, but frequently do, share reports of incidents that occur off campus. Additionally, there are times when the university receives notice but does not issue timely warnings, including those instances where such a warning could compromise law enforcement efforts or inadvertently reveal personally identifiable information of the victim.

The university is committed to the safety, security and well-being of our students and the entire OU community. Resources are provided for members of the OU community, including programs like OU SafeWalk and OU SafeRIDE. OUPD also routinely provides education, information and trainings to university community members regarding crime risks and prevention. Information on crime prevention programs offered by OUPD can be found at OUPD encourages anyone who is the victim or witness to any crime to report it by calling (405) 325-1717 or 911 for emergencies.  

As part of an ongoing effort to protect the OU community and to remain competitive with the market, in September 2022 the university instituted a compensation increase for 120 individuals with the Norman and Health Sciences Center police departments, including police officers, dispatchers, and security officers. The increases are on average nearly 8% and are in addition to the 3% salary increase implemented for all eligible university employees on July 1, 2022. With these increases, the university is now more competitive with the local market and able to attract a larger applicant pool. OUPD has also been able to hire three additional officers to the staff and will continue to hire more officers in the coming months. Anyone interested in joining OUPD is encouraged to visit the OU jobs page at