NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – About 60 abortion rights activists showed up to the Cleveland County Courthouse in protest Friday, calling the overturning of Roe vs. Wade a violation of women’s healthcare, and also demanding to hear from the district attorney on how he plans to enforce the state’s abortion laws.

“The time is now! It’s time to fight!” a protester yelled into a megaphone to a roar of cheers.

The historic overturning of Roe vs. Wade is enraging the abortion rights activists who were in attendance. The protesters called Oklahoma’s resulting abortion bans archaic, barbaric and a violation of a woman’s bodily autonomy and her access to vital reproductive healthcare.

“We’ve got to fight for our daughters and our young people coming up behind us,” said Sereta Wilson. “They don’t need the government. They don’t need a man, their brother, their father to make these decisions for them.”

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Protesters at the Cleveland County Courthouse. Image KFOR

Protest organizer Kate Bierman is demanding to know how Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn plans to enforce the state’s various anti-abortion legislation. She believes the laws aren’t consistent with one another.

“Let’s go up and talk to him and then we’ll come back down here and talk more out here,” she announced to the group.

The march up to Mashburn’s office was anti-climactic, as it was closed early for the day.

But Bierman said she’ll be back next week to get her answers.

“We need clarity about these laws,” she said. “They have some very serious penalties attached to them, and people who can give birth in this state are afraid of how these laws will be enforced. So, we need answers.”

KFOR reached out to Mashburn and he provided the following statement: “I’m not going to give a legal opinion on cases that may or may not be presented to my office. This is premature and not appropriate for me to comment on until I am presented a case that I can evaluate with the law in effect on that date with a specific set of facts.”